BetterBin: A next generation litter basket for New York City.


Competition Finalists

In Phase 2 of the competition, finalists will refine their designs and produce 12 full-size prototypes that will be tested in New York City neighborhoods in summer 2019.

Group Project

Design Team: Colin P. Kelly, Brit Kleinman, Brandon Massey, Chris Glaister

Group Project is an interdisciplinary design team passionate about improving the everyday experiences of urban life. Utilizing diverse backgrounds in architecture, art, industrial design, and engineering, we reframe problems and derive innovative solutions for a more sustainable future. Group Project is thrilled to partner with DSNY, Van Alen Institute, IDSA and AIA on developing a litter basket for New York City that will better serve sanitation workers, modernize our streetscape and change the public’s perceptions and behaviors towards waste—with the goal of achieving zero waste by 2030. Our proposal utilizes modularity, complementary materials, and a NYC-inspired aesthetic to achieve a solution that significantly improves the servicing experience, keeps our streets clean and orderly, and symbolizes a new future for the New York City Department of Sanitation.


Smart Design

Design Team: Davin Stowell, James Krause, Dan Grossman, Edward Laganis, Meegan Daigler, Albert Kwak, Grayson Hild

Founded in 1980, Smart is a strategic design company based in New York and London. We believe in designing with people, and for people, to create a smarter and more sustainable world. With a rich heritage in humanizing emerging technologies, and unique expertise in bridging the physical and digital, our fundamental goal remains the same: make experiences more intuitive, enjoyable and relevant. From redesigning the New York Taxi to launching category-defining products and services for clients such as Ford, PepsiCo, OXO, Sephora and Samsung, our multi-disciplinary design experts continue to create solutions to our clients’ toughest challenges.